WTF world?

Where did you go?

Have I been too honest with too many people?

Ha. Whatever.


I need to blog about cock, I know I know…

I’ve been all Political McHeavypants in some of my more recent posts and I apologize. I’m not here to be a drag. I’m here to be a party – a WET PANTY PARTY so let’s get this started, shall we. Because the moment I know some have been waiting for has finally happened.
And Me.
TOTALLY DID IT! And by “totally did it” I mean we, um, totally saw each other in the hall and eyehumped each other before he managed to get his lock open. He walked on into his apartment while I was trying to keep my cool to open mine when I heard him say, “Well are you coming in or am I going to spend another night jacking off to you having phone sex on the other side of wall?” He said it very cool, like he was reading a take-out menu, but when looked back over his shoulder at me standing there in the hall like an idiot, he winked. Not an asshole-type of wink; he was being playful. And, by then he was also shirtless. So… yeah, in through the door I went so fast that I left a vacuum in the space where I’d been standing.

Because Bobby without a shirt on. Oh. My. Fuckleberrie Pie. He was offering me a drink and trying to babble on something that I’m sure I’ll want to know later on, but all I could think of was wanting to drag my tongue along his washboard stomach, do a shot of tequila out of his perfect innie and just. God. Jesus. and His Attorney, what I wanted to do to that boy!

He put the beer I must have agreed to drink in front of me and I swear, It had to be the best beer ever, because as soon as my bottle hit the counter, Bobby’s mouth was on mine, both his hands were on either side of my head gripping me by the hair, and he just held me there in this fierce kiss. I mean like, fierce, like you have to breathe out hard through your nose when you get a chance because there’s tongue and lips and teeth and sucking and all of it so intense, so incendiary that stopping is just not an option.

He let go of my hair to pull down at my top. It was just a tank top with a sports bra underneath but it had to go. I needed to feel my tits bare against the hot skin of his chest. He pulled me away just a little bit so that he could suck one nipple into his mouth. Meanwhile, I realize that I was the one who needed to do the chest licking – he was going to have to wait.
And then… well now I’m just to worn out from my day to tell the rest of the story. I’ll try to add to it soon, if you’re good lil bb’s and show me some love… go to
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That’s right, I’m holding the end of the story hostage. My favorite sweethearts now have a way to Helpy McHelperson. Donate via those buttons on niteflirt any amount that you can and in reply you get a little fantasy thank you note about our date, two more hot Ass pics that you don’t have already, and a cute-imous little icon/avvie/banner that you can use to proclaim your love for me all over the web. ;;;)

I’ll post the rest of Bobby & Me and the things I was just about to do with him with my tongue as my current goal of $50.00 has been reached. So go free the porn by visiting that URL and don’t miss the part where The GirlFriend Experience line is only 0.75cents. So you can talk to me like I’m the girlfriend you always wanted for less than $1.00/min. Crazy baby!

Another thing you can do if you’d like to really help me kick this blog into gear is pass me around to all your friends. *rimshot* Seriously, linking to me gives you great karma and may even earn you a future role in a recorded audio porn. I’m working on one that involves running from the zombie apocalypse – you’re going to want it on that!

I gtg lovelies. I promise I will make time for my most favorite pervilicious bbs. Right now I need to sleep. I will talk soon with you lovelies. Until next time,
stay wet,

There’s nothing sexy about bigotry: why I don’t want anything from Amazon

So I know that many PSOs and online adult entertainers like myself often link to Amazon “wishlists” and I know that it’s a popular way for clients and friends to show appreciation and support. I’ve had a couple of people ask me “Where’s your wishlist?” so I’m going to give my answer to everyone here in one blow. (Bad-dap ching!)

Frankly, I don’t want getting a dime on my behalf. Here’s why. For the linkaphobes, I’ll try to summarize it:’s system has it so that if a person searches for LGBT literature or information, they’re more likely to get search results from anti-gay sources. Not cool, especially with the suicide rate of gay teens so high. That’s right – the search results in question all yielded “how to ungayify your kid” types of books.

So yeah, fuck those guys and not in a good way.

If you want to spoil me, appreciate me, send me presents, etc., I’m trying to make it easier to do so through my account. I have a listing that I’m working on now called The Girlfriend Experience which should have donation buttons in various amounts, including the “buy me a coffee” option for $3.50. (Because sometimes you just want a cheap date, right?) Donors get a couple of pics, a “thanks for the date” fantasy email, and an I ❤ Roni icon/banner. Yay.

So enough of that – back to your regularly schedule sexiness.
Take it deep bb's and stay wet!

Sometimes, that’s just how it is

Sometimes I just need to spread my legs.

Like now, when I’m thinking of what’s about to happen. I know I’m going to have sex tonight. I haven’t quite decided with whom but I know I’m going to do it. So right now, while I’m waiting, I spread my legs just for me.

I think about I’m going to show my pussy to someone else. I’m going to open my legs then like I’m opening them now. Only later, I’m going to be opening them to expose my hole so that I can take in some sweet cock.

Right now, I’m just opening them for myself, because I can. I like knowing that I’m horny because I just am and even if I had no intention of fucking anyone tonight, I’m worth spreading my legs for, all by myself. I don’t need a toy, I don’t meed my fingers, I don’t even need to come. Sometimes, like right now, the mental orgasm that comes from owning my sexuality is more powerful than any physical sensation that my body could experience.

My panties are so wet now that when I move my hips, I slide just a little. I’m soaked from the simple act of spreading my legs, of making myself vulnerable to me and me alone. Goddamn, that’s sweet, isn’t it?

I’m going to get myself off soon. I can’t even finish this post.

Just a quickie about how I feel today

This isn’t today’s “planned” blog entry but I needed to jump on here for a minute and say congratulations to all my LGBTQ family in New York!!! May equality spread like fire!

I thought this video was appropriate. It’s Glee, (haters to the left, y’all):

I promise I’ll be back later with a good sex story post. I owe you guys and gals, especially after yesterday – (my biggest traffic day ever!!). Til then,
stay wet, bb’s!


We Are Not The Freaks: The Truth About “Vanilla”

In fetish circles, people who don’t participate in some form of kink are often referred to as “vanilla.” Vanilla people are boring, vanilla people are unadventurous, vanilla people will look down on us, judge us, persecute us. Vanilla people are the ones that call us freaks.

The truth is that we are not the freaks.

Think about where we get the term: when is the last time you went to the store and bought a bottle of quality vanilla extract? It’s not cheap and the good stuff isn’t always easy to find. Most of what we call “vanilla” in our cooking is synthetic. It’s just a flavor that everyone recognizes. Real vanilla is much more rare than most people realize. The vanilla plant itself is difficult to grow, often needing to be pollinated by hand.

Vanilla. Is. Not. Normal.

What we see as “vanilla” sexual behavior isn’t the real thing, either. Why are people shocked when teachers and lawmakers and religious figures get caught in some form of display as sexual beings? Humans are not vanilla creatures. We are not precious, delicate, rare blossoms; we are dandelions, weeds, scrub-brush. We are spice and salt and no one should be surprised when the intensity of our sexual flavors flares up and demands to be tasted.

Spiciness is normal. We are not the freaks.

There is a part of me…

that is aware that I’m burning my way through life like rocket fuel. I’m ignited, live, hot, glowing, and faster than sound. But I can’t slow down – I’ve passed escape velocity and I am on my way.

What can I say – I love a good orgasm.

It’s been hard lately to find that balance between the heady high of sexual exploration and the real life responsibilities of managing my life as an adult and business chick. Sometimes I think I enjoy it all too much – kind of the adult entertainer’s version of “getting high on my own supply”. But I think my involvement is what keeps it real, y’know.

Anyway, enough shop talk. You really want me to just get with the juicy details of my sexcapades, don’t you? You want to hear when I last got fucked, where and how hard I took it? You want me to tell you how I rocked the roof off this apartment?

Well I will just say this:
1. Cyberfucking is the. bomb. There is no sex organ bigger than the brain; no sex toy better than the imagination.
2. I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but when I come really hard, I actually get numb in certain seemingly random places in my body. Last night, my teeth went so numb that I could have been given braces and I wouldn’t have known.
3. My neighbor dragged his fine ass in around 5am today. I know this because I was awakened to the sound of whatever porn he was watching in his bedroom. At first I thought it was him and whoever he’d brought home with him but then I heard the bow-chicka-wow-wow music in the background. If I hadn’t been so tired, it would have been a great excuse to go over there and tell him to turn it down, but I was exhausted. I just knocked on the wall and he turned it down after a second.

And that is all, my peeps, mostly because I do not feel like writing today. I feel so live today, so wound up – I want to get outside and feel the universe on my skin.

Till next time
Stay wet, bbs

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