About ME!

I'm Roni, 22 years old, and living on my own for the first time in my life.  I've always had whatever I wanted and right now what I want is to make my life in the adult entertainment industry because I. LOVE. SEX!!!  My super-conservative family doesn't approve of course but that just makes me more determined to have it ALL MY WAY!  Some people say I'm a brat and I wear that title proudly!

My blog is about my sexual exploits and I don't hold anything back. If you have a problem with adult content, meaning graphic textual descriptions of my sexual exploits, you need to leave. My blog is for entertainment purposes only.
I am an adult entertainer via telephone and through the written word. Wordpress does not allow me to link to my Niteflirt listing. To view my Niteflirt listing, copy/paste the following URL into your browser:
Right now, Niteflirt has a rather groovy deal for first-time callers - your first three minutes are free. That's not just for me, that's for all niteflirt entertainers, so even if I'm "not your type", it's worth your time to check out. I also offer written erotica through my Niteflirt profile.
I am currently working on a podcast about all things pervy and panty-licious. Stay tuned to this blog or follow me on Twitter, @wetwetroni.

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