There’s nothing sexy about bigotry: why I don’t want anything from Amazon

So I know that many PSOs and online adult entertainers like myself often link to Amazon “wishlists” and I know that it’s a popular way for clients and friends to show appreciation and support. I’ve had a couple of people ask me “Where’s your wishlist?” so I’m going to give my answer to everyone here in one blow. (Bad-dap ching!)

Frankly, I don’t want getting a dime on my behalf. Here’s why. For the linkaphobes, I’ll try to summarize it:’s system has it so that if a person searches for LGBT literature or information, they’re more likely to get search results from anti-gay sources. Not cool, especially with the suicide rate of gay teens so high. That’s right – the search results in question all yielded “how to ungayify your kid” types of books.

So yeah, fuck those guys and not in a good way.

If you want to spoil me, appreciate me, send me presents, etc., I’m trying to make it easier to do so through my account. I have a listing that I’m working on now called The Girlfriend Experience which should have donation buttons in various amounts, including the “buy me a coffee” option for $3.50. (Because sometimes you just want a cheap date, right?) Donors get a couple of pics, a “thanks for the date” fantasy email, and an I ❤ Roni icon/banner. Yay.

So enough of that – back to your regularly schedule sexiness.
Take it deep bb's and stay wet!


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