Sometimes, that’s just how it is

Sometimes I just need to spread my legs.

Like now, when I’m thinking of what’s about to happen. I know I’m going to have sex tonight. I haven’t quite decided with whom but I know I’m going to do it. So right now, while I’m waiting, I spread my legs just for me.

I think about I’m going to show my pussy to someone else. I’m going to open my legs then like I’m opening them now. Only later, I’m going to be opening them to expose my hole so that I can take in some sweet cock.

Right now, I’m just opening them for myself, because I can. I like knowing that I’m horny because I just am and even if I had no intention of fucking anyone tonight, I’m worth spreading my legs for, all by myself. I don’t need a toy, I don’t meed my fingers, I don’t even need to come. Sometimes, like right now, the mental orgasm that comes from owning my sexuality is more powerful than any physical sensation that my body could experience.

My panties are so wet now that when I move my hips, I slide just a little. I’m soaked from the simple act of spreading my legs, of making myself vulnerable to me and me alone. Goddamn, that’s sweet, isn’t it?

I’m going to get myself off soon. I can’t even finish this post.


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