There is a part of me…

that is aware that I’m burning my way through life like rocket fuel. I’m ignited, live, hot, glowing, and faster than sound. But I can’t slow down – I’ve passed escape velocity and I am on my way.

What can I say – I love a good orgasm.

It’s been hard lately to find that balance between the heady high of sexual exploration and the real life responsibilities of managing my life as an adult and business chick. Sometimes I think I enjoy it all too much – kind of the adult entertainer’s version of “getting high on my own supply”. But I think my involvement is what keeps it real, y’know.

Anyway, enough shop talk. You really want me to just get with the juicy details of my sexcapades, don’t you? You want to hear when I last got fucked, where and how hard I took it? You want me to tell you how I rocked the roof off this apartment?

Well I will just say this:
1. Cyberfucking is the. bomb. There is no sex organ bigger than the brain; no sex toy better than the imagination.
2. I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but when I come really hard, I actually get numb in certain seemingly random places in my body. Last night, my teeth went so numb that I could have been given braces and I wouldn’t have known.
3. My neighbor dragged his fine ass in around 5am today. I know this because I was awakened to the sound of whatever porn he was watching in his bedroom. At first I thought it was him and whoever he’d brought home with him but then I heard the bow-chicka-wow-wow music in the background. If I hadn’t been so tired, it would have been a great excuse to go over there and tell him to turn it down, but I was exhausted. I just knocked on the wall and he turned it down after a second.

And that is all, my peeps, mostly because I do not feel like writing today. I feel so live today, so wound up – I want to get outside and feel the universe on my skin.

Till next time
Stay wet, bbs


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