Don’t You Just *Love* It When…

your days and nights get turned upside down? I swear I keep the weirdest hours and I do this to myself. I have to claim responsibility for it – is there a such thing as a sleep deprivation kink? Because I must have it. Yay, another one for the list!

So anyway, I’ve been wanting to post about this smokehot cyberfuck session I had a few nights ago but I still can’t put it into words. It was so intense that I’ve actually masturbated to the thought of it since then. I normally don’t get off that way, by mentally reliving my own experiences, but holy fuckballs, this one has earned a place in my own mental porn library.

If you keep up with me on any of the other places where I dwell online, you probably know that I’ve been on this anal cream-pie kick lately. Current fucked up anal fantasy: getting fucked in the ass, cumloaded into, and then pissed into enough to wash the cumload away. (By the way, spellcheck is trying to tell me that *cumloaded* isn’t a word. I disagree.) Anyway, I finally recorded myself getting off to that fantasy – at least the creampie part – and you can listen to it on niteflirt.

*note* wordpress will not allow me to link to niteflirt from this post, so you’ll have to copy/paste this URL into your browser:

Yes, fees still apply, $1.99/min. and yes, spending that money on me does kind of make you my bitch, but you like that shit (otherwise you wouldn’t be here, *winkwink*). What can I say, new panties don’t pay for themselves. And bonus – if you listen carefully, you just may be able to hear my in the background. Industrial – so hot to fuck to!

Take care, bb’s. Stay wet!

p.s. – I’m on twitter now! Follow me as, who else, @wetwetroni


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