Of Bi Boys and a New Goal

How do I even begin to describe last night?

Nicci brought her friends Eddie and Ty over to my apartment last night. Eddie and I had met before at one of Nicci’s sorority parties last year, but I’d never seen Ty before. Ty and Eddie are bi-boys, (which in my opinion are far too rare in this world), and Nicci had told them, for lack of better phrasing, that she had a friend who was a hot slut that wanted to bang two guys, so there was no pretense about it: they were here to fuck.

Nicci has a key to my apartment so she just walked them in when they got here. I was already stripped down to my panties when they got here. I was watching some porn clips that were featuring anal gang bangs, so I kind of had an idea of what I wanted to do. I wanted them to take turns fucking me in the ass. I’ve always liked the idea of anal sex but here lately, I don’t know why, I’ve decided I want to become a real anal slut. I want my asshole stretched out like a porn star’s – you know what I’m talking about. I figured that shy little Nicci would just watch and maybe let one of them fuck her pussy.

And they did. I did. She did. It was fucking amazing. I’ve never taken dick so deeply into my asshole before. I took one of Ty’s loads right in my asshole and then Eddie fucked Ty’s cum into me! And Nicci – I’ve never seen her just let go like she did last night. I think she and Eddie have some real chemistry because when she sucked his cock, it was like she was praying or something. I felt really lucky to be able to see it happen.

I hope I’ll be able to get together with them again soon. Ty said he thinks I’ll make a great ass-slut and we talked about maybe doing some sessions with just me and him so he can just focus on stretching me and helping me take it deeper and harder. If I were the total submissive type (which I’m not), he would be the kind of guy I would want as my dom- he has the heart of a teacher. I can’t wait to learn more from him.

I’m going to take a few calls and then go to bed. Goodnight – may all your dreams be wet.


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