I need for someone to know

I’m at home, wearing my favorite skinny jeans, and I’m about to wet them.  I’m going to piss right through my satin panties and just soak these jeans.  I’m going to do it here, in front of my computer in this pillow padded chair and that’s going to get wet, too.

I just need you, dear reader, to know.

I need you to know that I’ve already let just a little bit go.  There’s a dark spot in the middle of my crotch that is the result of a combination of a tiny dribble of piss  and the juice from my pussy because I am so fucking turned on right now.  Just the thought that I’m writing this, that I’m telling my secret to anyone who wants to read about it, makes it so much harder to hold.

Another drop just escaped.  I’ve been drinking water all afternoon just getting ready for this.  I’ve needed to pee since this morning and then this idea popped into my head.  I’ve got the apartment to myself and nothing  else to do – no other obligations, so I’m going to do this.  I’m going to pee in my pretty panties and these tight jeans and then I’m going to grind my pussy down into it.

I’m going to come so hard when I do.

I just needed for someone to know.


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