The plot thickens!

And the panties get wetter!  LOL!!!

Loud Fucker Next Door has a name: Bobby.  And Bobby is as hot as his voice – I saw him walking this red-head chick out to her car.  I didn’t get a good look at her other than to see that she had a nice body and a head full of thick, sexed-up hair and she drove a pick-up truck.  I heard saying his name, saying she’d had fun, (which I know HAD to be true) and that next time she’d bring a friend.  After she said bye he turned around and started walking back toward the apartment building.  Holy hell, that dude is seck-say! OMG!

Nicci is coming over in about an hour.  Did you know she’s never even seen a real vibrator before?  Like ever?  She wants to watch me use one and I SO do not mind!!!  Who knows – maybe I’ll cum so loud that Bobby Next Door will be the one to hear!


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