The best thing about my new place?

The bathroom counter, omfg!  it is just the right height so that I can prop one foot up on it and get a perfect view of my pussy in the mirror when I’m standing in front of the sink!  I’ve already spent some Jilltime right in that spot.  I wonder if anybody could see me if I left my bedroom window open.  That would be fucking hot – somebody watching me watching myself get off.

Speaking of getting off, I really need to meet whoever lives in the apartment next to mine.  There was some seriously hard fucking going on in there last night.  Like, I’m sure most people would probably complain about the noise but not me.  All it made me was hot and horny (but what doesn’t?) so I’m sort of thinking of walking over later and introducing myself.  I don’t know if it’s a couple or if just one of them lives there and had a guest over.  All I know is the pictures on MY wall were moving and this is NOT a cheap apartment.  And whoever the guy is, he has a filthy mouth.   I fucking love that shit.

I’m going clubbing later.  My friend Nicci just broke up with her boyfriend and I think she needs a girls night.  She says she’s bicurious but she’s never actually been with a girl before.  I know she’ll let me grind up on her and feel her tits when we dance – we’ve done that before, but I wonder if maybe she’ll be up for something more adventurous now that she’s “free.”

Time will tell…


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