Hell yeah.

This is my first day in my new place, on my own, without my uptight parents trying to tell me who to be.  My roof, my rules, right?  After all, I am paying for it now since I GOT A JOB!!! WOOT!  (More about that later).  I’m almost 23, I think by now they should have gotten the point that I am never going to be the little cookie cutter they wanted.  The big deal for them is that I am so “promiscuous”.  I say fuck ’em.  I love sex.  I love getting fucked.  I love being nasty – fucking loooooove that shit.  I think people who try and act like they don’t are lying.  Open your mind.  (Open your legs!  Open your mouth! LOL)

I’ve known I wanted to work in adult entertainment for as long as I knew what it was.  I’ve taken a few hot pics (which are mine and yes I will be showing them!) but I think I’d rather be behind the camera.  I want my own Adult Entertainment empire like Jenna Jameson.  Hell, I’m hot and I love to fuck – why shouldn’t I?

Stick around if you like to party!


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